Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas

This time, the greetings for a Merry Christmas are coming from the US. I am here for this holiday for the first time in eight years. The lights are fantastic to see, outlining the houses and decorating trees and bushes in the suburban wonderland. I've even had the thrill of witnesses the terrific and alternatively kitsch and creative Christmas light display called Miracle at 34th Street in Baltimore, a famous local event.

My project this visit has also been to dismantle my entire studio and former bedroom for good. No more clothing remnants. No more art supplies or paintings to leave tucked in a drawer or piled on a table. This is full and total closure. It's time I do it but its finality is strong.

I am opening a new chapter of my life in Italy with a new project of remodelling being finished in the mountain house that is part of my husband's family. There is also new work scheduled for our condominium soon.

I am closing one door as another is evolving, if not opening.

The night before the Epiphany, January 5th, in some areas of Italy, you burn all the excess and symbolically the negative aspects from the previous year to get ready for the new one. The objects burn in a big bonfire. See this post as reference. In Baltimore now and several days earlier and not necessarily on a negative note, I am not burning but throwing away massive amounts of my past. Twenty year of it to be precise. May this be a good omen.

Auguri a tutti!
Merry Christmas to everyone!