Sunday, May 22, 2011

Fishnets in the City

Spring is here and the Italian women are breaking out this season's wares. Their style includes fishnet stockings, as usual for this time of year.

Italians are the only women who can pull off wearing fishnets without looking trashy. You can find businesswomen, bankers and lawyers wearing an assortment of fishnet colors from tan shades to even black that peak out from under classic skirts and pants--and they look great!

When I go to buy new nylons, I request that the shopkeeper sell me a pair that will not form holes at the big toe after only wearing them once, a typical problem I have. And what is her solution? Fishnets! The weaving of the construction makes them more resistant in critical areas, like the toes. So now I too am wearing fishnets. When in Rome, do as the Romans.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Kenny Random, Another Neighborhood

Kenny Random sprays/paints another wall, this time under the porticos near the cathedral in Padua: Via del Vescovado.

Also notice the wonderful wicker basket on the typical old bike parked outside a shop.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Project Rugs: How to Make a Dog Happy

Work on decorating the 1-year old house acquisition continues.

The latest projects have included photos, curtains and rugs. There was printing and framing a favorite picture of the mountains to hang on the walls. It was one of the chance opportunities where the light was just fantastic: slightly overcast with sunrays peeking out to light up just Mount Pelmo in all its massive glory. Now we can look at that scene everyday from our dining room wall.

Then the new bathroom curtain was installed with a handmade lace insert crafted by my mother-in-law. We took the bathroom tile pattern and turned it into a lace motif for a custom curtain.

However the most important money went into buying rugs. We waited a full year to get one for the living room so it's just perfect. After it was rolled out, it took the dog exactly 30 seconds to plop down on the new woolly floor feature. He treats it like his own personal extended bed area. It's the plushest rug in the house so he obviously spends the most time there. And now that the spring sun is out? We also have the dog camping out on the other new rug on the terrace. It was officially bought to add some color to the outdoor section of the house and cover some awful tiling. But the dog thinks every rug is for his canine comfort. He dedicates at least 20 minutes a day soaking up the sun on the terrace carpet's bright orange design.

Two more things to cross off the list of house 2011 projects.

Oh, and one very happy and comfortable dog.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Pope Becomes All But a Saint

Today marked the beatification of Pope John Paul II in a speedy 6 years. The inquiry into this status began before the usual 5 year period.

We all knew this would happen since the public was so obviously convinced about honoring the deceased leader fast. At his funeral in 2005, there were dozens of banners written by the mourning faithful with the words, "Santo Subito (Saint Now)." The point was strong and Benedict XVI listened, with a beatification (beatificazione) at this point. It technically takes 25 years for the saint designation to be given to someone. That will surely be another record to be set for Karol Wojtyla.

1 million crowded into Rome for this historic moment dedicated to this beloved pope.

Some people wonder if this beatification move was partially to rally support for the Catholic Church in this modern time that needs reminders of keeping faith.

Where does the line between faith and consumerism get defined? Isn't this part of giving the hoi polloi what the want? Everything immediately, even in terms of religious time? Putting the words "saint" and "now" together are a strange contemporary concoction. Even the Catholic Church, which is famous for being timeless and/or slow and unmoving, is stepping up its rhythm.

This is an image now hanging in Saint Peter's Cathedral.

Image of pope from La Repubblica
Image of banner from mondonews24
Click here for explanation of 2005 banners in Italian.

Padua in Bloom

Recently this tower was in full bloom. I took this picture in Arcella, the part of Padua north of the train station.

This area of the city usually gets a bad wrap because some neighborhoods have been infested with dubious characters and some desperate immigrants in recent years. However, one look at this marvelous house covered is such buxom blossoms would make anyone want to move here in a flash.

Can't you just imagine having Sunday lunch on the terrace at the top of this turret with lilacs dripping from the canopy? Lovely, yes.

Buona primavera!

Happy Spring!