Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Buone Feste

a drop of orange
a whiff of clove
a dusting of snow
a dash of joy
a sparkling holiday season

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Making It Hot for Winter

As even Padua gets its dose of snow and the Christmas season rolls in, I have decided to combat the cold and make some super HOT pepper spread.

From this summer's batch of plants that thrived on my very hot southern-exposure terrace, I harvested the little red peppers and made crema di peperoncino.

Plucked plants - peppers - kitchen supplies to get started

It will keep me warm as the winter progresses. Just a dab of this stuff and your mouth is aflame! Red pepper,  garlic and salt smeared on bread. Simple. Effective. Great.

Peperoncini which also provide the perfect colors of Christmas

The finished and jarred spread of... edible fire!

Just how much piccante can you stand?

As for me - a lot.

Bring it on!

Just Before the Snow

This was dawn before our second snow of the season. 
The orange cast made interesting lines in the landscape before everything turned gray and white again.