Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Strange Curious Objects

Padua is soon going to trash its public waste and recycling bins. These almost-alien colorful containers that occupy the city sidewalks will be permanently removed by summer, according to the city administration. They will be replaced by house pick-up, a rather American idea.

For some time now, Padua has done away with these big candy-colored mounds in the center of the city, where they just didn't fit in the narrow medieval cobble-stone by-ways, but this phenomenon will soon travel to the city outskirts, too.

I wanted to capture them with a warm sunset light as an "addio".

They are also poignant when thinking about the Naples rubbish dilemma that lasted throughout last summer and the idea that in some places, the trash just never gets taken away properly. Fortunately Padua is not one of them.

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