Sunday, July 12, 2009

Rianimatrici aziendali

This new university degree roughly translates as "Business Resuscitators" or "Business Cheerleaders".

Last week, the University of Trieste had its first two graduates receive this novel degree, under the department of Communication Sciences and professor Franco Grossi, the degree's founder. The two graduates are middle-aged wives and mothers who firmly believe they can help "save" businesses, especially in their beloved Veneto region. Monia Favaro, 39, is a mother of 2, and Marzia Dal Poz, 40, has one child. They are both from Treviso.

The purpose of this degree is to pump blood into small and medium businesses which are floundering in the both bad and global economy. The graduates are supposed to have the means to analyze businesses' current status, set future goals and help them communicate with the outside and global economy.

1,2,3, GO GRADUATES GO and get businesses back on track!
Slap those businesses happy!


  1. Have they reached the goal? Let me know! Thanks Franco Grossi - -!/professorgrossi

  2. How should I know, Prof. Grossi? I think you should be the one with printed results at this point of their success. Do you have any?