Friday, August 7, 2009

Found Wallet: Continued Frustration

About three weeks after the incident, my husband's stolen wallet was found by hikers from Treviso along a trail between Frassené and Voltago, the next town over.

Almost all the cards and documents are inside it, except the ATM/credit card AND his Venetian IMOB card. Now, these facts lead us to believe that the theft was DEFINITELY not executed by a foreigner, or Romanian. Why? Because they would have used his Italian ID card to create a fake for an illegal immigrant friend and they would not be interested in having the Venetian waterbus card (IMOB) which allows locals to pay an easy Euro 1,10 per ride on the famous vaporetto as opposed to a tourist's price of Euro 6,50! Only someone from the local Agordo area would understand the savings involved in keeping that particular card. Also, if we think about the location of the theft, at an abandoned sports and game park off the trafficked path, where only rock climbers go nowadays, it leads us to conclude that locals must have been the perpetrators. They are probably junkies looking for easy cash to sustain their habit and they got very lucky with us!

These realizations further anger us about police action in this country. The Italian carabinieri blame Romanians for everything and then throw up their hands. It's an excuse not to do their job to the best of their ability. Foreigner culprits are the scapegoats for the result of lazy police work.

Meanwhile, our bank refuses to refund any of our stolen money, even though they have insurance policies which can help cover such reimbursements.

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