Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Goodies from America

I saw a friend from the States last night. She brought me and other friends a goodies bag from the US. I've taken a picture of the assortment inside:

It got me thinking about what best represents our US food, and cravings, when abroad. Peanut butter is an obvious choice. Now eveything seems to be Bio. I've been introduced to Justin's brand for the first time with this packet. Maple syrup lets us dream of New England snow and bright maple tree colors in Fall. I love the tiny Tabasco sauce bottle, although I can easily find this product at Italian supermarkets now. My husband insists on using it in many recipes, including yesterday's Tuna Melt sandwich (with a kick!). The symbol of American money--our greenbacks-- in miniature containing chocolate. Ghiradelli chocolates cannot match Gianduia in the mother country. I have to admit I never ate Altoid's in all my years in America. Then since this friend was coming from CA, there's a new snack to taste: California Crunchies. I'm from the East Coast so this is a novelty. Do they sell it in Baltimore, nowadays, even though it's from the state of "Eureka!"?

I really appreciated the thought. Thank you D!

Readers, what would you put in a little treat sack to pack away from Italy, if you lived here (or do live here) and want to take over something fun? Please leave me your comments.


  1. Brown sugar. I never could find any, but I really wanted to make cookies. All my Italian friends would rant about how they loved American cookies, and I just wanted to bake some..

  2. Yes, brown sugar is great to use to make American cookies here. In fact, I buy it at the US military bases' supermarkets, when I get access. But my question was what would you bring from Italy to the US, not vice versa.

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