Thursday, March 17, 2011

Combination Holiday

So today marks 150 years since Italy's unification. On the Irish (and American) calendar, this date is known as Saint Patrick's Day. Since I belong to both cultures in one sort of way or another, here's my visual dedication to the split/unificazione.

I am 35% Irish, and have adopted Italy as my "land" to live in.

I wonder if I can find green beer in the city center this evening? Green for not only Ireland, but also Italy? Probably not, since the spritz does the colors well: red for Aperol or Campari and green for its famous olive.

Do you know the meaning of the colors in the Italian flag?

GREEN for the fields of the plains
WHITE for the snow of the mountains
RED for the blood which was shed to make the country



  1. I have enjoyed reading all the different takes on yesterday’s celebrations, yours is a clever one Irene!
    Viva l’Italia! Long Live Italy

  2. Thanks LindyLou. I was wondering if I was being too simple. Original can be simple sometimes, I guess.