Sunday, May 22, 2011

Fishnets in the City

Spring is here and the Italian women are breaking out this season's wares. Their style includes fishnet stockings, as usual for this time of year.

Italians are the only women who can pull off wearing fishnets without looking trashy. You can find businesswomen, bankers and lawyers wearing an assortment of fishnet colors from tan shades to even black that peak out from under classic skirts and pants--and they look great!

When I go to buy new nylons, I request that the shopkeeper sell me a pair that will not form holes at the big toe after only wearing them once, a typical problem I have. And what is her solution? Fishnets! The weaving of the construction makes them more resistant in critical areas, like the toes. So now I too am wearing fishnets. When in Rome, do as the Romans.


  1. Nylons? What are nylons? I can't remember the last time I had to wear stockings, thank goodness - something I truly don't miss. But I bet you look great in your 'nets.'

  2. I must admit I don't wear skirts very often. They aren't very practical when commuting on a moped. But the 'nets' do come in handy sometimes and they do last longer than nylons!

  3. Hello American in Padua,
    I am an Indian student in Padua, infact spending my last 2 weeks here. I wish I would have found out your blog before.. it is nice way to explore stories about padua, its people and their lives.. thank you so much and it was nice to see some pictures that I could recognize.. places and churches in the city. keep writing. I found link to your blog while exploring places where i could watch 2day's total lunar eclipse..

  4. Interesting how we stumble upon things, like blogs. I have been quite on the blog because of work obligations. I had to miss the lunar eclipse, too, because of house obligations. There is always something in the way. Thank you for the nice words. Have a safe trip home (or onward).