Monday, August 1, 2011

My 7 (Sette) Links

Currently, there is a ripple effect of the 7 Links washing over the expat blog world. Now I am participating. If you want to learn more, go here for the rules and an explanation.

As for my own blog's classification, this has been a great excuse to review my own work over the last couple of years, my evolution on the blogosphere. Here they go:

2. Post I am most proud of, for its heartfelt opinion: Far Far Away
3. Most surprise success: Promising Forever
4 Most controversial post: Amanda Knox Conviction
6. Didn't get the attention it deserved: WWI on the Lagazuoi
7. Most helpful weekly series of posts: Friday's False Friends (no specific link, but you can do a search an find all of them using the Google search bar in the right column of this website)

These are the bloggers I would like to nominate:
Living Venice a comprehensive guide to nearby Venice
Becoming Italian Word by Word an eloquent online encyclopedia of the meanings behind the words and culture of the Italian language
Zoomata very interesting tidbits about Italy, written by a journalist working in Milan
Eternallycool great news and imagery related to art, architecture and advertising with the bel paese, and often Rome, as the main protagonists
Venetian Cat in-depth posts about cultural events in Venice

Enjoy your exploration of my blog space and those of others I particularly enjoy.

Buona lettura!
Have a good read!

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