Thursday, October 13, 2011

I Know I've Been Away

If you are still checking in, I know that I haven't posted for a long time.
Forgive me.
Here are a few updates.
The Smart car has been an experience, one that will finish on Saturday.
I am buying a "new" used car the same day.
My physical therapy continues everyday.
One hour a day.
My town started preparing for the big sagra yesterday: lights, metal frame structures are popping up all along the main road.
I still walk with a crutch.
I am back to full-time work.
I still walk up stairs with 2 feet on each step.
I have started in a new project, one that has been on the back burner for years. It's satisfying but takes away time from An American in Padua.
I can walk my dog, but only 3 houses down the street and then back home. Slowly.
The weather finally turned from hot to somewhat autumn, with night temps just about right for October.
Life has been busy.
Life marches on.
The seasons change.
I blog.
I don't blog.
I don't walk.
I walk.
Thinking of you.


  1. Hi Irene, Today there's a surprise for you on my blog!
    Hope you like it!!!


  2. Glad to read you are doing fine. Take care and godspeed on your new projects!

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