Monday, April 30, 2012

Mount Ceva in the Euganean Hills

It's spring and that means waves of Paduans are hitting the hills. They are our Euganean Hills. Some go cycling. Some go by motocycle. Many have lunch on the green colline. We decided to go for a walk.

Yesterday F and I took a short trail up Monte Ceva, starting from the church of Turri (Montegrotto). It was great work for my healing tendon. It made the dog happy to spend time in the outdoors. We discovered new plants that grow in these parts. The view was better than expected from the top.  On a clear day, you can see to the Adriatic Sea and enjoy plenty of the Paduan plains.  The only problem was how amazingly humid and hazy it was considering that we are still in April!  

Monte Ceva 255 mt.

The poppies are out

Fichi nano dei colli euganei especially adaptive at growing on volcanic rock


  1. What a beautiful walk! I live on the other side of the colli, below Monte Madonna. Always so lovely to look up at, but I hardly ever hike up there. You make me feel I should make the effort! Ciao cat

  2. It's not a bad walk so I highly recommend you make the effort. But don't wait until the dead heat of summer. I think it gets really hot up there judging by the heat-loving fichi plants that grow there.

  3. Wow! What a stunning landscape! Your photographs are beautiful and it is fun to see Dictamnus (gas plant) growing wild . . . beneath the poppies photo. How far out is this from the center of Padua?

  4. Carol, it's about a 20-minute bus ride west of Padua. There are lots of good agriturismo places and restaurants to eat in the area, too!