Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Gondola Ride Kit: Instructions for a Heightened Experience

I'd like to introduce you to my little-but-powerful artist's book called Gondola Ride Kit: Instructions for a Heightened Experience. It's an ironic guide for living one of Venice's quintessential experiences: the gondola ride. There's a map, instructions and a trouble shooting guide at the end as I take you through the lagoon city in a whole new way. To start, I recommend the experience during the winter months of November to February, not your typical touristic season in the lagoon city.

Some the sections are dedicated to the five senses. You must concentrate on each one as you ride along in the gondola.

Canal Grande, original illustration by artist

Route taken by artist and recommended departure site to find your gondolier. 

For those who have read Dante Alighieri's Inferno, there is Experience B with references to Virgil and Minos, among others.

It's a guide. It's a book. It's art.
Enjoy this fabulous and unique read! Get your own copy. Buy one for a friend for Christmas! It will make for  an amazing gift for anyone leaving for Venice this winter. It can also be considered a special memento or just lets you dream about Venice with a new point-of-view. Not to mention that this little book is part of major public collections like Tate Gallery. You'll have a piece of art that is the "stuff" of museums.

This is the first time I have directly written about a piece of my art on this blog. I feel it is the right time and very relevant to your interests in Italy and my neighboring city of Venice, where I used to live. This artist's book is on sale for a great small price via Internet now. For more information, please go to my ETSY shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/irenewoodburyworks

Thank you for supporting me as an artist and spreading the word about Gondola Ride Kit.

Let me know what you think once you've gone for your own ride with manual in-hand.


  1. I would love this Irene! Can I buy a couple when we meet? So afraid if I buy online I will not get it in time.

  2. Sure Carol! I can bring them when we get together.

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  4. Dear Jackie,
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  5. E' sempre bello incontrare qualcuno appassionato alla Voga Veneta specie se straniera e abitante a Padova, ma sai che la mia associazione Amissi del Piovego ha una gondola proprio a Padova?
    Vienici a trovare quando vuoi, sarĂ² lieto di farti fare un giro sulle nostre barche tradizionali veneziane e magari insegnarti un po' di voga veneta, ci trovi qui: https://www.facebook.com/amissipiovego/

    1. Grazie e buona sapersi. Ora mi trovo nella laguna di Venezia proprio con la casa a fianco ad uno squero! Ho cominciato ad imparare la tecnica della voga alla veneta!