Sunday, January 20, 2013

Mosaics to the Limit!

The entrance to this curious residence

There is a town exactly halfway between Padua and Venice called Dolo. It's mostly famous for its prime location along the Brenta river, which boasts some of the most beautiful Veneto villas such as Malcontenta and Villa Pisani. Yet tucked away and on the other side of the Brenta, I have come across a different kind of fantastic home. It's superlative in another way: for its mosaic work.

At Via Brenta Bassa 43, a man has toiled his whole life to cover the inside and outside of his house with tiles, mosaics, and odd and even kitsch sculptures. Here is a glimpse of the fruits of his labor.

Street view

Detail of mosaics and sculptures


  1. That looks so much like the Magic Gardens here in Philly! you should visit next time you're in the states.

  2. That would be fun! I hope to make it to Philly next time I am there. How are you liking the city?

  3. I've never come across this house and know that area fairly well. Must check it out. The family I au paired with in Paris years ago were into mosaics too and every time a plate or cup broke it was plastered to the walls! Good to read your blog again, hope all is well. Ciao cat

  4. It's hidden on the "other" side of the Riviera, where hardly anyone drives through. The road is smaller too. I only found out about this house because I happen to have friends living nearby. Then when I was talking with my hairdresser who's from the area, she told me that the house 15 years ago just had white mosaics. The color was added more recently. So the man's aesthetics have changed!