Friday, September 11, 2009

Mare e Monti e Mercato

Sea and Mountains and Market

Yesterday I said goodbye to my father who is returning to USA. In his ten days in the country, we were able to explore the mountains, countryside and swim in the sea.

My husband, F, and I challenged his stamina and legs by climbing the Tofana di Rozes (3225 m/9033 ft) in the Dolomites under a glorious autumn sky.

We sent him golfing on an ambitious course at the foot of the Eugaean Hills, west of Padua, where the the woods and water seemed to "eat" his golf balls. Deeper into the hills, we had him feast on galletto , a small delicious chicken, for dinner that night.

We drove him to the Adriatic Sea to sit under a rainbow umbrella in Sottomarina near Chioggia to enjoy one of the last days of summer on the beach in total September relaxation.

In the middle of these trips dotting the Veneto map, we left him on his own in the center of town to discover what the city of Padua could offer him for this, his fourth trip. Watching the market close up shop at midday was reported to be the highlight while there were also impressive paintings by Tiepolo, Titian and other great artists that awaited him in the Eremitani museum that afternoon.

I believe it is important to sometimes leave my guests on their own in Italy so they can discover something with their own eyes. When I am at their side, some people may only focus on what I explain to them but importance is subjective so it is good to have the person decide on his own focus for at least a while. For my father, the market provides the local/foreign intrigue that he is looking for.

Readers, thank you for your patience and gift of time that you let me spend with my father.

Ciao, Dad. Alla prossima!
(See you next time!)

Pictures: climbing the last leg of the Tofana di Rozes; the view of Lagazuoi and Marmolada from the summit; Golf Club Montecchia from their website; online announcement from Bagni Arcobaleno in Sottomarina.


  1. How did he like the golfing? Are there nice courses up north? Here in the south it leaves something to be desired!

  2. He was impressed and stumped by the difficulty of this particular course. There are 4 courses in the Padua area alone and 20 more scattered around the Veneto. Golf is a big deal, with even teenagers practicing the sport!

  3. What a precious memory for you & your Dad.
    Thank You for sharing it!