Wednesday, October 7, 2009

In Bad Taste

Perhaps some of you have heard about the intense rains that have pelted the Italian peninsula, especially in the southern regions. Padua had a couple of intense days with their share of precarious street situations. But in Calabria, the region received the equivalent of three months of rain in three days.

Then last week, the area of Messina was devastated by mudslides, triggered by the continuing torrential rains. This Saturday, the funerals of the Messina mudslide victims will be celebrated. Click on this TG3 excerpt regarding the tragedy.

While the Italians are being rocked by the effects of all this excess water, Sky TV, has continued to run a commercial for their HD product which portrays an entire town being completely flooded while some women cry as they watch the film, Titanic. The idea is supposed to be that Sky TV's HD quality is so good that you feel like you are inside the drama, for real. Yet the choice couldn't be worse given the similar and awful conditions found in Italy this season.
I find it a horrible managerial choice to be so callous towards real trauma and destruction, just in the hopes you can sell a few more Sky TV subscriptions!

For the commercial in question, watch this video.

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  1. I agree! I was watching TV over the weekend with my findanzata when we saw this and we both made the same comment...