Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Overwhelming Feeling of Work

It's the first real bulging full-time week back at work in months. I feel a bit overwhelmed. As usual, I have accepted to work a few too many hours than are comfortable but the job offers never come in the right order to make the "perfect" schedule. Such are the hazards of freelance work!

The new year brings new challenges and requires brushing up on old material. There are new colleagues, old spaces, a mixture of more-or-less enthusiastic students and my annual confrontation with language: how does it make sense to others and how can I make it interesting.

I am burning the midnight oil to get ready with lesson plans, syllabus and a bunch of books and photocopies in several different folders, all under the light of my glowing computer screen.


  1. Ah, yes. Work. I remember that, vaguely. Actually I miss it. Teaching language is not only fun (all the goofy games) but so rewarding when the students start to pick it up. Have a great time!

  2. Since I am teaching mostly at the upper high school and university level nowadays, it's a different kind of challenge. It is almost more difficult, especially when they ask very specific questions about grammar reasoning but can also be more rewarding and lets me speak at a higher level in the classroom which is good for my own language abilities. I remember when all my classes were elementary and pre-intermediate and I started thinking in those simple terms even outside of the classroom!