Sunday, December 20, 2009

An Exceptional Snowfall

I could write about the difficulties of travelling along the highways.
I could write about the problems with the local tram which was stuck at the stop, Trieste, yesterday morning and halted city service for at least 30 minutes.
I could talk about the icy roads.
I could talk about the delayed buses.
I could talk about the shopping centers exploding with people, especially in the skiwear section.
I could talk about the miserably cold stand owners in the city center that lacked their normal Christmas customers because they were all at the heated shopping centers.
I could talk about Berlusconi's health and theories about his attack.
I could talk about frigid temperatures at -5° C.
I could talk about my dog's swollen anal glands.

But I'm not going to...

I don't care...

Because it snowed 12" in Padua.

An Exceptional Event

Some drive-by images:

Prato della Valle

Under Santa Giustina

Along V. Gattamelata

We all turn into children with our city covered in this white blanket!

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