Friday, December 18, 2009

More "Juice" About Olive Oil Harvesting

The "juice" is the great description developed in a five part series published on italyMONDO!'s site, with the collaboration of Ciao!Amalfi. This should appease any curiosity which ensued from my post on the olive harvest I participated in at the farm Monte Sereo in November. For a quick read of that post for those who missed it, here is the link.

Reminder: make sure you have some good quality olive oil on at least one dish during your this holiday season and think of Italy!


  1. Blog simpatico ed interessante. Complimenti!
    Saluti da una navigante Estone che vive in Italia

  2. Grazie! Ho un'amica Estone che devo ancora trovare a Tallinn. Buona permanenza nel bel paese, Pilland.

  3. Ciao Irene! Thanks so much for linking to my series on olive oil on The italyMONDO! Blog. I'm really glad you enjoyed it! Buone Feste!!

  4. When there's quality-gotta link to it! Tanti auguri!