Thursday, January 28, 2010

My First List for Filling a House

'We like lists because we don't want to die'

In honor of Umberto Eco's new book release, The Infinity of Lists, and the exhibition he curated which is currently on display at the Louvre, I am writing my first list on my blog.

My husband are finishing the paperwork to buy our first house (or rather flat, in typical Italian living style). Since we have been renting a furnished apartment, now we need to buy EVERYTHING new. Here goes the basic list:

Coffee table
Dining room table
Light fixtures
Full kitchen with appliances
Washing machine
Bedroom set
Wardrobes: at least 2
Shelving for house and garage
Chest of drawers
Desk for study
Bathroom sink
Curtains for all rooms
Throw rugs
New door with lock

It feels quite overwhelming and the choices are limited given our small budget. I don't know how much I want my house to look like it's out of an IKEA catalogue.


  1. Most often it isn't the shape I object to (although anything frilly or twirly or enormous but only holds two pair of socks before it's full is a non starter) but the dark or orangey colour.

    Changing knobs and handles also tarts things up nicely.

    I thnk I must have speant a whle hundred euros on the furniture and about another two for paint, primer and knobs etc.

  2. Oh great, posted half a comment above.

    the bit that got lost was how to overcome the culture clash between an antiques freak (him) and an Ikea lover (me) on a budget. Mainly via second hand shops full of disgarded Italian granny furniture, that in itself makes me feel like hurling until I can make it be what I want it to be.

  3. Well, we did our whole house from Ikea, practically, and have never regretted it. It ends up not looking like the catalog because you put all your well-loved things on/in the furniture, and that's what you see. It's not the best stuff in the world, but it's hard to do better for the price. And their potato chips are divine...

  4. Oops - and I meant to say first and foremost - congratulations on buying your own home - that's fantastic!

  5. Sarah-We've been living with some antiques at the rented apartment and even if they are quite nice, the sizes are wrong for contemporary life. For example, the wardrobe doesn't close with normal hangers inside it--people used to be smaller 80 years ago!
    I've also been shocked by how little second-hand merchandise can even be found locally (that is not real antique and expensive).
    I am starting to see some of IKEA's benefits now but I stop at buying a sofa from them.

    Fern-Thank you for your sweet wishes. Yes, I picked up 2 bags of the chips during last Friday's viewings of IKEA kitchens.

  6. Congratulations on buying your own home too! You will be ready oh your list huh :) nice.

    Angelo H

  7. Angelo, Yes. I should put up the new list to show where I am at this point, more than 6 months after moving in. There's a new list.