Friday, April 2, 2010

Mopeds USA

While spending a few days in New York, I also noticed mopeds parked around the area. There are not many, but they are there. This picture shows a cream Vespa locked to a sign in Brooklyn during a downpour. With the rain I encountered in the Big Apple, it was definitely not a nice day to take those wheels out for a spin. Americans are warming up the these "wasps".

Did you know why they call it a Vespa?

Because the sound its engine makes resembles the insect's buzz.

My thirteen days in the US are coming to a close. Tomorrow, I will be in airports and airplanes for too long, since I have a 5.5 hr layover at JFK, the ugliest airport in the country (at least at Delta's terminal). I will be back in Italy in time for Easter lunch.

It was a wonderful time after so long. I was able to see old friends, meet new people, connect with a lot of family. Hopefully the next time won't be so far off in the future. Over two and a half years was a bit too long to stay away.

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