Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Update on the Move

So we thought we could move into our new house last weekend but the move still continues. There is some extra work that needs to be done in the new house since a hot water tube in the kitchen has blocked the dishwasher from being able to fit into its space in the custom kitchen set and the bathroom fixtures are in dire need of being replaced.

Our faithful handyman won't be able to schedule our house renovations until this Thursday so we thought it was useless to move into digs that have neither a functional kitchen nor a suitable bathroom. Plus, there has been just so much to do in both the new and old houses between boxing every single object, hauling it into the new house, installing lighting, putting together new furniture and cleaning. You all know from experience, right?!

Needless to say this past weekend consisted of a 12-hour shift on Saturday and 7 hours on Sunday of move-related activity. Last night after work: another 2 hours and time to meet the new neighbours while asking about building specs.

Saturday was the first full day the dog stayed with us in the new place. He spent the first two hours running around all the rooms, panting and asking for a pet from all the "workers": me, my husband and a helpful friend. Once he located his familiar pink blanket on the floor in the living room, out of harm's way, he took his cue and decided to relax. From then on, he just watched all the activity, instead of trying to actively participate in it. By the end of the day, he had also scoped out the coolest spot in the house which seems to be the master bedroom. He spent the late afternoon lounging between various bags full of clothes.

The last day of the month is Friday so we HAVE to be in the new house by then. Cleaning the old apartment is underway today, between work engagements. However I have developed a half-cold and find that I am no longer as energetic about the whole process. I am basically dragging myself to do these last steps of the move and clean-up. It's been a solid month of heavy and constant activity in addition to working full-time. I think we've had about 1 Sunday off since after Easter. Yet soon this all will be over and we can get down to enjoying the new place!

Ironically, my husband won't even be able to relax at all in the new house or even help organize all the bits of our stuff in the new environment because his band has a debut concert scheduled in Genoa on Saturday, May 1. Not only is this a mad dash to move in, for him, but also an intense engagement in perfecting a new live rock band performance to coincide with the release of their new album, coming out on Friday. The group is called Ciclope and the album is called, Una Notte Inferno. Click here for more information, an excerpt of one song and their video trailer. (I will soon prepare a post about their music.)

Hence the lack of posts in the last week....

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  1. Man, your plate is full. Hope you get over the cold quickly and settle into your new home.