Sunday, June 6, 2010

Debut of the New Kitchen

The kitchen was the largest project to improve our new house, built in 1971, before moving in. Since we thought both the old kitchen in-place and the tiles were awful, we gutted it all.

We started with this in February:

After the first phase of gutting all the wall and floor tiling:

Then the new tiles were installed after a week: white for the walls and grey for the floor:

Model: Satchmo

Finally the black and steel kitchen set was installed:

The best part about the remodelled kitchen is that it includes a dishwasher. It took me about 10 years to get one since all my other apartment situations were too small to accomodate one or I lived with people, mostly students, who were not interested in installing a dishwasher. No one cooked enough to feel the need for it.

The dishwasher is such a great appliance! So many precious minutes of evening time can now be spent in a different activity, other than doing the dishes. I have a new appreciation for this machine which helped in the women's liberation movement.

Don't get me wrong. My husband did the dishes too, but not as often as me.

We are enjoying cooking in a new and modern way in our new kitchen.


  1. Complimenti, your kitchen is beautiful! Enjoy it!

  2. Thank you! Oh, how we are. Yesterday was dedicated to cooking a lasagne dinner.