Friday, June 18, 2010

Ilaria, Beer and Soccer

One of the official sponsors of the World Cup 2010 in South Africa is Budweiser Brewing Company. They are currently broadcasting a reality TV show, BudHouse, for the duration of the championship with one person representing each country that is playing in this year's competition. During the Modiali, they all live together, watch the games together, talk about soccer, meet the famous athletes and do odd and different things in South Africa, such as riding an ostrich.

I was curious about this house of people and who Bud chose to put inside. A woman named Ilaria was chosen as the Italian participant.

Italy is reigning world champion, but who knows if the title will be defended this summer. We do know that they dominated their first game against Paraguay, but the final score was 1-1. The other traditionally strong teams like Spain and Germany are not performing as well as expected. Brazil will be one to watch, of course.

For now, Italy is in a fairly easy girone (group) so they should make it to the finals without much of a problem. It has to now beat Slovakia and New Zealand in its assigned Group F.

Click here for a YouTube segment of BudHouse after watching Italy play its first game. There really seems to be a reality show for everything nowadays!

At our house, F decided to get us a little keg to drink during the first game. It sure wasn't Budweiser, thank goodness.

Next game: Italy vs. Slovakia at 4 p.m. Italian time on Sunday, June 20.


  1. But hey - German Budweiser is really good! It's just the American brand that is blah.

  2. I've never tried the German version. I should look out for it.