Monday, May 18, 2009

An Interior View

Part of my job has me go to my English language students' houses for private lessons. Over the years, I have pared down the number of people who receive my house visits in favor of having them come to me, or working in school rooms. Yet I do visit Mr. P, an 85-year-old gentleman who is an ex-professor of Chemistry at the University of Padua.

Every Monday morning I am brought into his living room and look at this wall with its chandelier, vase, oil painting and dark wood furniture. The light that comes in the room in the morning is soft and soothing, providing a gentle push into the work week.

This old man is a remnant of a time when men were gentlemen and more people were polite. He is so curious about America and has a passion for Hollywood's Golden Age. From his large blue arm chair, he watches videos of his favorite films and stumbles through some reading we do together.

I wanted to share this view with my readers. What do you look at on Monday mornings?

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