Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Not Spring Showers, Dear

We all knew it was especially hot this past week, but when the hail came, that just proved it beyond a doubt. Summer is here in advance.

The heat wave that rolled in last Wednesday sent my body into a crisis. I had never suffered from heat exhaustion like that before. After all, that day, I had only rode my bike to and from work. That was enough. I barely could move by evening from lethargy. The heat had come too fast for my poor old system to handle it.

By the weekend, all systems were "go" and I had acclimated.

Then Sunday night, dark yellowish-grey clouds started forming around sunset and delivered a storm at dark which hurled not just rain but also hail. My husband and I had to scramble to get the car into the garage and safety.

For Padua, these means summer is definitely here.

Summer=Hail storms possible

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