Sunday, February 14, 2010

Let Lions Sleep

I was ready to become a lion "queen" this Carnival, which ends this year on Tuesday.

However I am letting the lions sleep: the costume and the woman. I got a cold with fever that has kept me under the sheets for the weekend. It has really been unfortunate because I haven't made myself a costume in years and I was really looking forward to using it.

Usually I go to the Venice carnival and take pictures of others' elaborate frocks while, this year, I was ready to disguise myself as an African animal and accompany my father along the calle for his first carnevale experience.

He had to go without me.

Now I am starting to feel better but have to maintain plans to take my father snowshoeing tomorrow in the Dolomites so there's no more window of opportunity for carnevale this year for me.

Beh, c'รจ sempre l'anno prossimo.
(Well, there's always next year.)

The costume will remain folded and wait for its debut in 2011.

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