Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What's the Perfect Wine?

Since my husband and I will be closing on our very first house tomorrow, I would love to celebrate with a fantastic bottle of wine. I welcome your suggestions for what would be most appropriate.

I can splurge a little but can't break the bank since there is simply too much furniture and so manyappliances to buy by April, when we plan to move in.

So please share your wine saggezza e consigli.


  1. well i'd say Fiori d'Arancio. I totally love it. It's not expensive but it's good. Quite sparkling, too. And...sweet. If you like dessert wines, do go for fiori d'arancio:) (good for celebrating, too)

  2. Thank you for the suggestion but I forgot to mention that I don't like sweet wine very much. I get as fas as passito, usually. I think Fiori d'arancio is sweeter than that.