Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Casa Nostra

Coming up for air.
The house is starting to be comfortable.
Most things work.
Boxes are not only unpacked but mostly in the building recycle bin.
The new paint smell is fading (although not as fast as desired).
Some rugs down.
Dog happy.
Best rosemary potatoes ever with my husband as cook and the new oven.
The computer and internet are running.

This is starting to feel like regular life again.

F and I finished a move, closed up the old apartment and completely furnished a new one in about 1 months's time. Mind you, this is all while working full time, but you already know this.

Now it's time to explore the new neighborhood, grade the landscaping, drink a spritz in the local chic bar, order a pizza out at the end of the street and drool over the fancy cars lining my road. There are more Porsche than Fiat's!

We're in.

1 comment:

  1. Excelent news - sounds like you're in a very nice neighborhood. (!) Enjoy the new paint smell - nothing says new and clean like the smell of fresh paint - and it never lasts long enough!