Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Fireworks Mix-up

One of my colleagues politely corrected me. The fireworks on Saturday night that were blasting at the same time people were honking their car horns actually belonged to the Padua Fairground's Campionaria finale. It is supposedly a tradition that this regional fair extravaganza has a fireworks display. This year had that event coincide with the Inter victory, which was also broadcast on large screen TVs on the fairgrounds, as publicizied by the Campionaria website.

This year's Campionaria dates were from 15-23 May. It's an interesting annual mix of food stands, scarf kiosks, ethnic clothing, alternative TV shirts, horse and dog shows, furniture displays and used car and motorcycle dealership displays. You'd marvel at how many people flock to this event which is open until midnight for the duration of the fair.

This year my husband came away with a great leather jacket from the same people who sold me a great one 2 years ago. And there was the mandatory stop at the Vecchio Birraio, a quality local brew company from the northern part of the province.

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