Sunday, May 23, 2010

An Italian Victory?

Inter won the title in Champions League last night. They are a team based in Milan and the competition is basically for the European championship. They beat Bayern Munich 2-0.

You should have heard the fireworks and horns blaring after the game in town. We are not even in Milan. Just the fact that an Italian team took the title was enough for my town to jump for joy.

I didn't even need to watch the game. I could just listen to my neighbors moan or cheer and know exactly what was happening in the game.

It brought back memories of when Italian won the Mondiali (World Championship) in 2006. I could hear the same kind of festivities taking place in the background while I was on the phone with my then boyfriend, F.

Some are complaining about the fact that Inter's roster was almost entirely played by foreigners. So how can this be a victory for Italy? The team trains in Milan, yet its name is short for "International".


  1. Hi! I love your blog.

    Actually, Internazionale was made over 100 years ago as an alternative to AC Milan who only allowed Italian citizens to play calcio, that's why it's called like that. It was created to give a chance to foreigners to play the most wonderful sport! :D

    I'm a Inter tifosa and what really got me it's their motto.. "Si chiama internazionale perché siamo fratelli del mondo" :)

  2. Kiwi, that's a great beginning to a team. They really have some victories to be happy about this year. I remember when I moved to Padua and they were awful.

    My problem is that Italy is taking this victory as something very Italian, when only the owners are in Italy and the team happens to call Milan "home".