Friday, January 21, 2011

#!!?**!%! Dog Owner

The Italians get bent out of shape when it comes to dog poop removal because so many owners just don't bother to pick up the stuff. As a dog owner myself, I understand both ends of the stick.

On one hand, you are the owner walking your dog and have virtually no public trash cans to deposit your "baggie" for your entire walk, sometimes. That can last upward of 30 minutes in my case. (It's not fun carrying around a smelly bag that long!) The comune has only installed any sort of trash bin in the most downtown section of town: along the main street. If you don't walk your dog there, tough luck. And who does when that's the area with the most car traffic, confusion and air pollution? You might just decide to leave the droppings in the frustration of not having any comfortable solution to taking it away. Or you might forget your plastic baggy one day and find yourself leaving a poop in a bad place, too far from home to come back and retrieve easily.

On the other hand, the people living in the houses with the droppings found outside their property are right in feeling frustrated when they step in brown stuff with their new boots. They can be upset even by seeing the dirty mounds.

The Italian home owner's retaliation comes in the form of elaborate messages hung near the critical areas. This one is recent from my area: angry and rather funny. Translation below.


Gentile signore...sì proprio tu che continui a far defecare proprio davanti al cancello di questa abitazione il tuo cane, mi chiedo se nella tua testa ci sia un briciolo di cervello....evidentamente no, perchè se sono ne avessi un po' capiresti che questo non è un posto idoneo per i bisogni del tuo cane. Sicuramente l'unica presenza di materia all'interno della tua testa non è la stessa di tutte le persone educate e civili, ma è uguale a quella lasciata dal tuo cane.

Se solo un
ignorante, maleducato, incivile..........Il vero animale sei tu.............Impara l'educazione, me mai te l'hanno mai insegnata!!!

English translation:

Dear Sir or Madam ...yes you, the person who continues to have her* dog defecate right in front of the fence of this housing. I ask myself if you have a brain... obviously not, because if you did, you would realize this is not the place for the needs of your dog. So surely the only brains you have are not the kind that most normal and civil people have. It is the same consistency as what your dog leaves.

You are simply
ignorant, unpolite, incivil..............the real animal is you.................learn your manners if anyone ever taught you them!!!

* Note from translator: I used "her" to indicate singular third person on this blog with many links to women's websites, although it could also translate as a "his".

Number 4 of these message adorn the fence in question.

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