Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Paduans Take Control of Historic Venetian Gem

Caffé Quadri, the historic café in Venice's Saint Mark's Square, is now being managed with a primary share by Alajmo SpA. This Paduan family and company runs the famous Le Calandre restaurant in Sarmeola di Rubano, just outside of Padua. The family of cooks/businessmen have taken the reins from Ligabue SpA, another historic business in the Venetian scene.

The new ownership's modo is, "Ciò che diventa era (What is to come, once was.)." They don't want to come in and change everything or make the Venetian landmark a copy of their famous Paduan space and dining experience.

Reasons for Ligabue's sell-out include too much recent acqua alta (high water, a.k.a. flood) damage over the past couple of years, including 202 out of 365 days of high water levels last year. (Saint Mark's Square is the lowest area in Venice so it gets flooded more often than any other place in the lagoon city.)

A blog post for Le Caladre which announces the merger is found here.

Photo from Flickr's Rita Crane Photography.

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