Monday, January 3, 2011

How Many Care Takers Do You Have? Seven!

Padova, la truffa di colf e badanti: solo il 19% è stato messo in regola

Padua, the scam with care takers: only 19% had been legalized

This was in the local Padua news in December. The police did some local investigations and found that several families had up to seven care takers for a single elderly person. The police found that either there were too many badanti, or they were not properly legalized. Obviously some people are trying to help the immigrants in this work category stay in Italy. They are often women coming from such countries as Romania, Moldavia and Ukraine. Other Italians involved in the investigation did not even know that their names were on documents responsible for the legalization of these workers. Still others are probably associated with human trafficking and channelling Chinese and North Africans into Italy this way.

The question of immigration is a hot topic in Italy and these findings don't help simmer down the turmult.

Source article from 21 December, 2010: Il Mattino di Padova


  1. Do you feel like Italy should "liberalize" it's immigration policy more in light of it's shrinking population?

  2. Yes I do. I feel that most of the Italians, and especially small companies, are taking advantage of paying these immigrants cheaply and under the table, since they aren't legalized. But it is a complex topic to discuss in a blog comment.