Thursday, March 25, 2010

Berlusconi Everywhere

While visiting an art show in Philadelphia yesterday, I found a familiar face from Italy: Mr. Berlusconi. The prime minister of Italy, who is mostly considered a joke abroad, is one of the featured world leader picture shapes to use to assemble a politically-loaded art work currently on display at The Print Center. The image recalls December's assault to his face, using a souvenir of Milano's Duomo. He has the expression of shock and only look of weakness I have seen in Italian media in the over 15 years that I have seen him in power.

Pictured below are the instructions for how the public should help create the art, choosing from various shapes, colors and themes. Then they leave their part of the creation on the table and more come to add on.

Even in the US, I can't get away from Silvio.

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