Friday, March 12, 2010

What a Difference a Day or Two Makes

So after the snowstorm subsided, the sun came out yesterday and has continued melting all but a few spots of northern-exposure land and roof tops. At least with a March snow, we can count on its effects not lingering for long. So we are just about ready for Spring!

Here are the updated pictures of Padua's featured areas from Wednesday's entry, coming again from Wecam Padova - Webcam Meteo:

Basilica Sant'Antonio

Note: from this Padova Est photo, you might think we are in America due to the sheer quantity of traffic lanes. This demonstrates how much of a pole Padua is for commerce and industry, not to mention serving the residents. There's some serious traffic here, although the time of day doesn't reveal that here. Yesterday it took me 35 minutes to travel 2 miles within the city at lunchtime.


  1. As soon as I read your last post, decided to check the link you posted to the webcams, and indeed it had changed quite a lot! jajaja.

    BTW: I'm going to Padova just as a kind of adventure... actually it's more complicated, but let's leave at that for the sake of writing space. Hopefully will buy the tickets for our little family adventure to Italy next week.

  2. Sound good: an adventure to come here. Are you visiting anywhere else? Safe travels.