Saturday, March 20, 2010

New House Progress

The work is underway on the new house. The kitchen has been gutted. Tiles have been ordered. They will be laid next week. Some light bulbs have been installed to have some sort of temporary illumination for evening visits to the property. We got a quote for changing the locks, and then the fabbro never called back to do the work. In the end, we thought it would be better to change the locks once the workmen have all had their access. A sofa has been ordered which will be custom-made for us and should be ready in a month. The original painter backed out since he was more of a friend who wanted to help and pick up some money than a professional and the walls, full of holes from former tenants, proved complicated. So now we are having the tile men move on to do the paint job next, since they also offer painting services and are doing a good job so far.

The interesting and quirky part to this new house is that we will have hardly anything done by Italians. The kitchen work and painting will be the product of Romanian sweat. The sofa is being made by Albanians. Most of our furniture will probably be Swedish design from IKEA. Only the locks and lights will be done at the hands of Italians. So much for Italian design and quality. Either we can't afford it or don't like it.


  1. "Either we can't afford it or don't like it."


    Why did I have to drive around for days to get an inoffensive, cream, wobbly tile ?

    The tile shops were stuffed with "fiddly bits" tiles with nary a simple one to be had.

    Unless you like off beige meets sad Versace..with Versace price tag.

    Our builder Claudio is the only decent workman we have had in 15 years, hang on to your current lot with your finger nails dug in hard.

  2. It's nice to know someone else understands. Luckily finding the tiles has been rather easy in our case.

    We will keep our crew of foreigners close. There will be more work to do on this 40-year-old flat.