Wednesday, March 3, 2010

First Week with a New House

Here goes this week's list, dedicated to everything my husband and I have to do right now, since we have a "new" old house to make our own:

_change residency to new comune
_update residency for everything: bank, car license, business, permesso di soggiorno, etc.
_open utilities accounts for electricity, water, trash
_print new name tags for mailbox and main door
_buy fire insurance (according to Italian law) linked to mortgage
_change 4 locks
_call the building super and introduce myself
_get quotes for a painter
_get quotes for tile layer (is that how we say it in English?)
_get quotes for cleaning wood flooring in bedrooms
_start doing minor electrical work
_buy tiles
_decide on and order a sofa (since most require 60 days for delivery)
_get some light bulbs attached to the wires since there are absolutely no light sources in the house

So do you get the idea that I am slightly stressed out?

Bear in mind that we are both working full time at the moment and I am planning a big trip to the US that starts in 3 weeks. Also my husband has a rock band album being released in a month, which needs proper promotion, and that is partly done by the band members themselves.

It's fantastic to know that we have our own property. I still can't believe it after over a decade of renting, in my case. I can actually paint the walls the way I like them. However, there is a side effect: too much to do too fast.


  1. LOL, the house isn't going anywhere, take your time if your "yipee" sensation will let you.

    I think I stayed up for a week solid painting this one when we first arrived.

    I'm calling "Claudio il costtrutore" "the tiling man" when tiling and "just lovely" for everything else.

    Good luck and enjoy the first home where you are allowed to knock holes in the wall ( :

  2. Thank you for the support! I'll take my time once the quotes and in and the men are working. If it were summer, I would be doing more of the work myself but my schedule doesn't allow it in March.

    3 quotes were made today for 3 different services so that's a good start.

    I hope the holes in our house are easier to make than in the apartment where we currently live. Either the nails break or pieces of wall fall off when hammering in a regular nail.

  3. enjoy the moment!

    you don't get buy a house every day. Good luck.

    Nice blog. Read you often. Moving to Padova in hopefully 1.5 months.

    again, enjoy it!

  4. Bernie--Yes, this may be the only house I ever buy. Thank you for the compliment. Good luck on your move! What brings you here?