Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Snow in March?

I live in Italy which is not a country that is famous for its snowfall, unless you live in the mountains, which I visit very often but have not chosen as my permanent abode.

Northeast Italy and the Pianura Padana is well-known for grey skies and fog, perhaps, during the winter, but not for snow, especially in March! Yet here we are with the calendar telling us that Spring is 11 days away but we are braving a small blizzard: high winds and snow predicted to keep falling for 24 hours straight.

It was warm last week. We had all started to think about la bella stagione, but frigid temps hit on Sunday and have been steadily falling since. Yesterday on my scooter, I thought I was going to lift off and fly away with the wind, it was so strong. My hands were frozen after 15 minutes of driving even though I was wearing the heaviest ski gloves I own.

These recent webcam pics of Basilica Sant'Antonio and the roads at Padova Est should give you a feel of our weather situation. For updated images every 30 seconds of these sites and many others, go to Webcam Padova - Webcam Meteo.

The snow is sticking to everything, including the webcam lenses.


  1. one word. Ugh. Hope the sun comes out soon and melts all that stuff so you can begin enjoying spring.

  2. i know hey, it's been crazy!
    they said the wind was blowing at a speed of over 100km/h. SCARY. luckily enough, sun is shining today.

  3. Fern, The sun came out today, a day after the snow which continued until night. Just about everything has melted. We are ready for Spring!

    Anna, There is still some evidence of the wind's devestation but this is nothing compared to Haiti and Chile's situation.