Saturday, June 13, 2009

June 13th: Saint Anthony Procession

The holy day has come around again.

Paduans have a holiday today in honor of Saint Anthony, patron saint of the city. Two weeks of festivities including special prayers, masses and a night procession from Camposampiero (PD) to Padua, are culminating in this procession of a Saint Anthony statue and reliquary.

My pictures started from Via del Santo...

the mounting crowd behind the patron's statue

round the bend with scouts toting a banner

joined by praying nuns, young and old

historic costumes of medieval warriers

pensive, if not angry, elite club members (this could be Lion's Club or Rotary Club?)

women showing off old crafts

and the best part...

Saint Anthony's JAW BONE!!!

This procession celebrates the living memory of Saint Anthony's death on June 13 , 1231

May he rest in peace

(while his body parts get paraded around town)

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