Monday, June 22, 2009

Piles of Money destined to a "Mountain" of Stuff

To prepare ourselves for our big trip to the top of Monte Rosa, scheduled for the end of July, my husband and I had to go on a shopping spree. We basically bought a ton of light-weight petrol products. Why do I say petrol? We need to wear technical gear designed for mountain use that protects against wind and water while allowing perspiration to escape through the same fibers. These wonder-fabrics are all made from polyester derivatives. And polyester = spun petrol.

The products are all light so they don't wear down your bags as you hike up the mountain. That is great for your back while on the trail but not so rewarding as you cart your pile of merchandise out of the store.

In this case, light and petrol does not equal cheap! No, dear. We are talking large chunks of change for even the smallest things.

We outfitted the husband from head to toe while I already had several clothing pieces in my stash from past ski trips while other things I will wait to buy next year. So far the list goes as such for the duo:

2 pairs extra-UV protection sun glasses
1 light-weight Montura shell
1 medium-weight Rady's shell
waterproof pant shell
1 pair of medium-weight Montura hiking pants
1 pair of approach and hiking shoes
1 pair of crampons
1 38-liter backpack
2 pairs of men's breathable underwear
2 pairs of hiking socks
2 compact fast-drying towels

The fashion show of our alpine shopping spree will be photographed at a later date.
The bill to be paid will be next month's entire paycheck, even after a 20% discount.

But what the hell-
Viva la montagna!

These petrol jewels just better not rip this season on any stray rock!


  1. What? No petrol ladies underwear?

  2. this lady doesn't sweat so bad that even her undies need to be made with advanced technology!