Thursday, June 25, 2009

Let's Talk about the Weather

This is my father's favorite conversation: the weather. I grew up in a family where this topic was discussed on a regular basis. But in Baltimore, the only time that we might get worried about a proper weather report is to predict whether the upcoming winter storm will be in the form of snow, ice or sleeting rain. Those distinctions can make the difference between a fairly safe drive to work or a perilous one.

Coming to Italy and teaching English as a language and culture, I came to learn that my father's passion for the subject of weather probably comes from his English ancestory. The British talk about the weather a lot because it can change rapidly and drastically there on the isles. There are stories of it raining, being sunny and briefly snowing all in the same odd summer afternoon.

Now I find myself consulting online weather forecast sites on a regular basis. I do this not for Padua's weather, but for predictions of the weekend in the Dolomites. In the mountains, the weather changes often from day to day and througout a single day. It can turn a hike or climb into a miserably wet experience or even a highly dangerous one, especially if you consider that sometimes you are hanging from a metal wire while going up a ferrata. (We all know what can happen if there is lightning and you are attached to a piece of metal!)

So in true form, I am clicking away on various sites and talking about the weather today with my husband as we plan for the weekend.

I have added a favorite site, ARPAV, to the mountain links section of this blog so that you can check out my weather predicament, too.

Dad, this is dedicated to you.

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  1. Irene,

    Thanks for the dedication and yhour observations.

    Between growing up in New England with all of its varied weather and my English roots you are probably right that this explains my facination with weather reports. Loving the outdoors, as I do, I always want to know what to expect weather wise as I make my plans. The Army also taught me to always take the weather into consideration as the planning process goes forward.

    You, obviously, inherited the love of the outdoors from the Woodbury side of the family.
    Cary on the tradition!

    I write this from my office looking out at a gorgeous - warm and sunny - summer day here in Baltimore which hasn't happed much this spring.
    Last week I heard we had 17 inches of rain since April 1st.