Tuesday, June 9, 2009

No Winner Takes All Yet

Italians voted for their national European Union representatives on Saturday and Sunday and some cities also voted for their mayor and other local political positions. Padua was included in that batch of over 60 comuni.

After waiting over a day for the final results to be tallied (polls were closed at 10 p.m. on Sunday evening), the numbers are being published. Padua seems to be in a tie with the incumbent mayor, Flavio Zanonato (left coalition parties), having 45.7% of the vote and his main opponent, Marco Marin (right coalition parties), capturing 44.9%. This means that our city will have a re-vote to determine which of these two will actually become mayor of Padua for the 2009-2014 term. Several other towns are in the same predicament. The new voting session will probably coincide with the scheduled referendum vote to be cast on June 20th.

In general, the country is seeing its main right and left-wing groups losing popularity in favor of smaller parties such as Lega Nord and Italia dei Valori gaining significant votes. Italy's attempt at reaching a similar system to the simple Republican and Democratic parties found in the USA is not receiving the results that were expected.

It is interesting to watch how other countries try to adopt our American habits while changing them or having them fail, even miserably sometimes, because other cultures are obviously different than the US one.

Key to running mayoral candidates' political supporting parties at local level:

Left Coalition:
Lista Civica Padova con Flavio Zanonato
Sinistra per Padova
Partito Socialista
Lista Civica Innovazione
Lista Civica Comitati Citta' Sicura

Right Coalition:
Lega Nord
Lista Civica per Padova con Marco Marin
Lista Civica Padova Sicura
Liberta' Democrazia Cristiana

Link to all the voting results for Italy:

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