Monday, June 1, 2009

The Old City Walls

Padua is a medieval town, including 11 kilometers of fortified walls built in 1509 to protect the city against an Austria invasion. At that time Padua was under the control of La Serenissima (Venetian Republic).

This particular piece of the old city wall runs along today's Via Gattamelata. I cycle past it everyday as I go to work or into town for any reason. The wall and moat have been under restoration since January. They started by cleaning the stones on the wall which had turned dark. Then they cleaned up the wild plantlife that had grown up all around the water's edge. The rocks in the foreground were just delivered a few days ago to delineate the water's proper course, I imagine. On some days, I used to find people fishing down at the water, tucked away from the car traffic of the street. They will probably resume that activity soon, once these public works projects are complete.

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