Sunday, June 21, 2009

Si Cambia? The Polls Will Tell

It's election day again, two weeks later. Padua as well as 98 other Italian cities need to vote for their mayors a second time because no single candidate received a clear majority (over 50% of the vote).

Dozens more of Marin's posters have been plastered all over town and over the face of the current mayor, Zanonato, who received just under 1% more of the Paduan vote to continue a second term as mayor, according to June 8th's numbers.

The votes might change this time around, like Marin's posters boast, in this weekend's election because the UDC party has officially supported Marin as their favored candidate so those center votes will go to his right-wing camp and not Zanonato, representing the right-wing.

Si cambia o si continua? Vedremo...
Polls close Monday at 3 p.m.
We'll know by Tuesday.

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